The history

Beatriz was a young Salvadoran mother with few resources who was manipulated and used by abortion groups that condemned her to fear to impose abortion on our continent.

Beatriz already had a son and she wanted to be a mother again. Although she had been offered sterilization, she had refused her proposal because she wanted more children.

Beatriz had lupus, an autoimmune disease that can be very serious.

But fortunately, during her second pregnancy, the lupus was under control and the pregnancy was not life-threatening for Beatriz. Unfortunately, her baby, whom her mother named Leilani, was also ill and was diagnosed with anencephaly. This did not prevent her from having consciousness, experiencing pain, and even the probability that she could live for months or years. Leilani’s disability did not make her less of a person or less worthy of her. However, abortion groups pressured Beatriz to request an abortion, convincing her that she was going to die if she did not kill her baby, since she was not going to live anyway. Some even continue to affirm that the girl, due to her disability, was not really alive.

Those groups made her request authorization to abort before the Supreme Court of El Salvador, and also requested provisional measures before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDH Court). Both instances recognized that, just as the doctors had stated, Beatriz’s life was not in mortal danger and that she was being properly cared for and monitored. Finally, the doctors gave Beatriz a caesarean section while she was in the 26th week of her pregnancy, since the doctors considered that it was the best for Beatriz’s health, and the procedure respected Leilani’s life. The girl was born alive, cried, breathed and was able to receive the love of her mother, remaining in her arms for a few moments. Unfortunately, she passed away a few hours later, due to her disability. Beatriz continued under medical supervision, recovering from the cesarean section, without suffering major complications due to pregnancy. In a later interview, Beatriz herself told how much she wanted her to live, and she even brought flowers to her grave and spoke to her.

Beatriz died 4 years and 4 months after Leilani’s birth, as a result of injuries caused by a motorcycle accident. Contrary to what the abortion groups claim, her death was not related to her second pregnancy or her baby.

The abortion groups denied Beatriz the right to hope and condemned her to fear. She imposed her death and her daughter’s death on him as a fatality. They denied the dignity of a girl for the simple fact of having a disability, considering that it was torture for her mother to get the baby to be born.

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